Was Osama Killed Because He Did Not Sleep Naked?

“It has emerged that US commandos were told to assume bin Laden was wearing a suicide vest and must be killed, unless they found him naked. They would have accepted surrender only if they could be sure he had nothing hidden under his clothing, meaning his fate was sealed as soon as he was found in his bedclothes.”

This is quoted from yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald (read the full article here and the UK Daily Telegraph source article here). So does that mean that from now on, Al Qaeda leaders will all start sleeping naked? 🙂 Must be quite uncomfortable when you’re in a cave in Afghanistan…

By the way, I reckon that ‘situation room’ photo on this wedding is actually a photo of them watching re-runs of the Royal Wedding…

Watching re-runs of the royal wedding

Watching re-runs of the royal wedding

Polkadot + Moonbeam in Sydney 2011

With the other half of Polkadot + Moonbeam Juliet Pang now in Sydney, you will be able to catch P+M performing around Sydney. This month of March 2011, P+M will bring its collection of vocal and instrumental duets, classics and standards, always with a touch of nostalgia, to Velluto (Potts Point) on Sunday March 13th and Jazushi (Surry Hills) on Sunday March 27th.

Polkadot + Moonbeam

Polkadot + Moonbeam in Singapore
Polkadot & Moonbeam

Presenting their duo sparkle in Singapore for the first time, Polkadot + Moonbeam ( Juliet Pang + Didi Mudigdo ) will share their original compositions as well as new arrangements of familiar tunes on Hari Raya on keys, ukulele and bass. Juliet Pang will also share a sneak preview into her originals to be released in her upcoming debut album in December 2010.

Didi Mudigdo, based in Sydney, is a jazz singer/pianist who’s done some globetrotting especially in Asia, happily sharing his love for jazz music whilst enjoying the colorful cultures in various countries including Jakarta, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Japan (Sapporo Jazz Festival) etc. A wonderful musician and recording artiste, Didi has released 3 cds till date and also recorded with other artistes, including TJ Eckleberg, and Debra Blacquire.

Juliet Pang, is a Singaporean singer-songwriter, fascinated with jazz, folk, stories and everything organic. She is the familiar voice on Eating Air’s Theme Song, 《痴风》, on 《冲着你来》 (100.3FM), and “Smile (Charles Chaplin), her latest single release on Absolute Voices, a collection of jazz vocalists. She is also the lyricist behind the COMPASS award-winning song, 《被风吹过的夏天, a happy collaboration with Singaporean singer/songwriter/pop artiste, JJLin. She’s looking forward to sharing her debut record to be released in Dec 2010, and the many new adventures and stories that await her everyday.

Come to sit by them on 17th November 2010 at Crazy World Cafe, and witness the evolving fresh chemistry of this quirky duo.

Juliet Pang (Singapore) in Sydney August 12th

Singaporean recording artist and singer-songwriter Juliet Pang is looking forward to share her heart on Thursday August 12th with Didi Mudigdo on piano and bass at Berkelouw Wine Bar. Bringing you a cosy selection of jazz standards and tunes from her ‘side of the world’, she looks forward to an intimate evening with dear new friends she has already made on this trip to Sydney. She might sing a duet, play some original, and strum you a ditty if you bring in a smile. 🙂

Juliet Pang – vocals, ukulele, piano
Didi Mudigdo – piano, bass, ukulele, backing vocals

8 pm Thursday 12th August
Berkelouw Wine Bar
70 Norton St Leichhardt

‘Didi Three’ Sydney Debut At Hotel Clarendon Surry Hills

After touring Japan, China and South East Asia performing at jazz festivals and clubs for several years (2005 – 2009), Sydney jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist Didi Mudigdo brings his jazz trio ‘Didi Three’ to Sydney on July 30th.

Named after DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane), a controversial pesticide that was banned in the US in 1972 (in Australia in 1987) but continues to be used in countries such as North Korea, Didi Three will have its Sydney debut 8 pm Friday July 30th at Hotel Clarendon 156 Devonshire St Surry Hills NSW (opposite Jazushi).

Over the years in Asia, Didi Three featured international musicians from Australia, USA, Russia, Japan and China, and for this performance, Didi Three will feature Didi Mudigdo on vocals, piano, harmonica and ukulele, Pete Kolhoff on double bass and Laurie Thompson on drums, performing Mudigdo’s unique collection of jazz/blues numbers and original compositions.

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